The principles of PSeMS and the learnings from Project Griffin form a methodology and approach that supports security resilience. CSBP observations and recommendations are incorporated into the program guide and provide insight based on evidence-based practices.

Security starts with prevention requiring the implementation of structured cooperation between all agencies to help ensure the highest levels of security in our transport networks (e.g., airports, seaports, etc.), public open spaces (e, g., rail transportation hubs, bus and coach stations, etc.) and other mass public environments, such as shopping malls, office, and workplace hubs, and concerts. The vulnerability of all these domains has been tragically demonstrated over recent years through the impact of serious crime (e.g., marauding terrorist attacks, etc.) and are cause for significant security challenges.

This best practice guidance offers low-cost, effective, and evidenced-based security practices which include methods such as the Port Protective Security Management System (PSeMS) approach to provide a framework and methodology to support your organization’s security assurance and resilience. Guidance on support technologies for enhanced organizational communication and collaboration is also provided.

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