Griffin on the GO is proven and well used method to detect, deter, deny and disrupt criminal activity program focusing on issues as minor crime such as theft to human trafficking and terrorism at the same time engaging and reassuring the public within the environment.  Deployments involve uniform and plain clothes police working together with other specially trained officers and the environment security team as part of the joint working strategy. The deployments are unpredictable, intelligence lead and highly visible. 

The Method Entails:

  • Griffin on the GO teams will turn up unannounced at various location within the environment to carry out patrols and engage with the community.
  • Offering unpredictable timing, lasting for various amounts of time and involve different officers and assets
  • Varying of location; some areas multiple times a week, other times very few weeks.
  • Key success is unpredictable nature of the program. 

Message to Civilian Population:

  • An education process to teach that they should not be surprised or alarmed if you see Griffin on the GO deployed anywhere in your environment.
  • Griffin is there to keep you safe.
  • Griffin on the Go officers make a point of meeting and speaking to individuals, explaining what they are doing and answer any questions you have.
  • An open dialog with officers, offering a two-way interaction with retail workers, passengers, other public individuals, including children.  

Public Message:

We rely on your support and your vigilance to help our tactical deployment in the fight against crime and terrorism is successful If you have picked up this leaflet in a business or from a retailer in this area it means they are working with Griffin on the GO teams to keep you the public and community safe.


  •  Griffin on the Go teams cannot operate alone, they need the assistance of the business and the public. help.
  • Individuals can play a vital role by being vigilant when you are in the environment by reporting anything that just doesn’t feel right or look right.  For example, a bag or item left looking out of place or someone acting suspicious.
  • WORKING TOGETHER AS ONE Business and retailers have an important and vital role to play. Working together will make a difference in protecting our communities and environments.





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