The PSeMS five-day workshop will provide participants with a broad and detailed understanding of how to implement and maintain a Security Management System. The course provides a practical guide to the benefits of PSeMS derived from international best practice, extensive case studies, interactive sessions, and presentations.

The training brings together the resources of the stakeholder community and includes, police, emergency services, local authorities, business, and private sector security industry and staff to make an overall safer community. 


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Explain what a Port Security Management System (PSeMS) is
  • Understand the benefits of PSeMS to the organisation
  • Conduct a risk and vulnerability assessment and review processes to prioritise and manage security risks
  • Design, plan, and implement a PSeMS applicable to your . Assess, manage, and ensure stakeholder engagement• Design, plan, and implement a PSeMS applicable to your environment
  • ss, manage, and ensure stakeholder engagement
  • Implement measures to benchmark and assess the effectiveness
  • Ensure continual security assurance and improvement
  • Create a PSeMS Business Case
  • Support and manage the change that a PSeMS can provide
  • Explain the importance of creating a positive security culture
  • Develop a PSeMS training and awareness provision