The Gathering and Sharing of Community Intelligence is Essential to Mitigating Risk

Intelligence goes beyond government sources; When it comes to an airport, seaport or our transport environment, intelligence needs to be inclusive of the community that affects the environment.  This means working with staff, tenants and business and their employees in the surround area.  It is the people who are active and passive in and around that environment community that are your best sources. Once your information community is built, your intelligence and collaboration flow provides for a stronger fortress.

Staff, Tenants and surrounding Business Employees are Key to Community Intelligence

Community intelligence is a highly desirable method of securing a critical infrastructure environment.  It is built on a fortress of active and passive individuals who work and live around the community.

Project Griffin International provides a train the trainer program, the gets to the core of educating and making individuals aware of their environment.  This fortress can take many shapes depending on the makeup of the environment and the community.

Imagine a workforce within an airport who has some extensive training in awareness, allowing their educated eye to spot irregular behavior, out of place people, and suspicious items or activity.  Beyond this basic premise there are possibilities of staff and tenant personnel assisting law enforcement and emergency management in an emergency. 

From lone actor events, insider threat to organized terrorist activity, when the community is participating in the public safety your fortress of community intelligence is in place.  This method cannot be underestimated.  Project Griffin is among the many evidence based programs that are being used and proven to be effective.

Learn more how this train the trainer program can work in your environment.  Also, available, is a security vulnerability evaluation targeting how ready you are for terrorist activity.  One of the greatest threats is that of an insider.