• 256-bit encryption protects data and maintains the privacy of orgs communications
  • Enterprise policies and controls keep IT in the driver's seat when it comes to account access and remote wipe capabilities.
  • Administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Collaboration: HD one to one & group voice, audio, & text collaboration
  • In stream pictures document, location & forward capabilities
  • Meeting and Calendar function
  • Video and screen sharing
  • Broadcast notices - Permission based
  • Securer cloud based - Org owns the data - private
  • Role-based internal and guest global users
  • Free package up top 2,000 users with upgrade capabilities
  • Dedicated group / sectors
  • And much more ...


  • No colour or Org identification / change function (not the end of the world)

Final Verdict

When compared to WhatsApp - NetSfere is superior as it not only offers the type of communication and collaboration required, the organization manages and owns the data. The NetSfere communication program is part of an international $5 billion communication company. The program is highly recommended. OUR RECOMMENDATION: Stop using WhatsApp. This is a everyday global app for police, security and management and staff operational use.

Simple and Secure Enterprise Messaging

At NetSfere, we’re committed to giving enterprises the flexible and affordable messaging technology they need to improve collaboration, reduced risk, and seamlessly scale communications to organizational growth. NetSfere solutions offer best-in-class instant messaging features via the cloud—equipping your organization with both the security and agility it takes to achieve true business advantage.

Fail-safe messaging reliability

Strong message delivery allows senders to reach recipients via SMS text messaging at their option or when Wi-Fi and cellular data are unavailable. SMS text messages are automatically integrated into user accounts through the NetSfere cloud.

Increased productivity

Provides employees the means to quickly communicate and collaborate while exchanging ideas and thoughts leading to increased productivity.

Improved privacy and data security

Device-to-device encryption delivers significant improvement over the security that is provided by the consumer-grade messaging apps that are likely being used for workplace communications now.

Better management and control

NetSfere provides total control over accounts, giving IT the ability to quickly add or remove account access, and to remotely wipe data from employee devices.

Enhanced compliance

Centralized storage management makes it easier to achieve full compliance with data retention policies.

More accurate performance tracking

Real-time statistics allow you to monitor and track key performance indicators like number of accounts, active sessions and the volume of messages sent.

Effortless upgrades

As a cloud-based enterprise messaging solution, NetSfere allows employees to seamlessly switch from smartphones to tablets to laptops–and enables IT to effortlessly upgrade company-owned devices.

Secure Ecosystem Collaboration

Employees can collaborate and communicate securely with their ecosystem of outside vendors, partners and clients.