Port Security Management Systems

The Port Security Management System (PSeMS) provides a structured and proactive framework for assuring an organization’s security. PSeMS incorporates an approach to security that addresses the components of information, physical, cyber and personnel, and incorporates the requirement of accountability at a senior level within the organization. This document will address how government authorities and associated stakeholders using the PSeMS framework can provide a more secure and safe environment. This framework helps coordinate processes and procedures covering governance, legal requirements, operating procedures, delivery, monitoring, review, and audit for security.

Project Griffin International (PGI) is a wide-ranging strategy to improve and support security in environments where people gather, participate or work by helping to reduce their vulnerability to terrorism and other threats. The strategy is based on the proven proactive operational imperatives of; Protect, Prevent, and Prepare. This integrated approach provides for a Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) methodology and approach to education, tactics, collaborative communication and effective technology integration.

Community Security Best Practices (CSBP)

The CSBP program brings together the principles of PSeMS and the learnings from Project Griffin to a methodology and approach that supports security resilience. Our observations and recommendations are incorporated into the program guide and provide insight based on evidence based practices.