• Accuracy
  • Processing
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Software
  • Design
  • Simulation & Testing
  • Performance & Certifications
  • IP Integrations
  • Contact & Relay Integration
  • Strick quality control


  • Indoors only

Final Verdict

Based on the UK Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure, The U.S. Department of Security, and the Australian Agency - And with several years of a "0" false rate, the systems is highly dependable and accurate.

Shooter Detection Systems

Guardian simultaneously detects gunfire and immediately relays this information via floor plan map with shot location, text, e-mail, and other notification pathways to key personnel and building occupants, with no human interpretation required.

Through its unique hardware design, Guardian can be installed into your existing building infrastructure through flush wall/ceiling mount or surface mount for impenetrable structures. The system configuration is fully scalable to the area of coverage desired.

The Guardian System offers organizations flexible notification options from the smallest school notifying local law enforcement to the largest enterprise customer notifying global security teams immediately of a shooting event.

Guardian removes the “human factor” so that nothing is left to interpretation and costly delays can be avoided.

When lives are on the line, don’t settle for lesser technology.

Choose the trusted, proven technology our soldiers use.

Choose Guardian.