The INTERPORTPOLICE provides member police and security authorities collaborative facilitation to identify risks to and reduce the vulnerability of the critical infrastructure, focusing in particular on, aviation, maritime, related transport and border vulnerability. Our primary partners are those who have the responsibility for public transportation, port facilitation, and supply chain responsibilities.  This includes government departments with responsibility for infrastructure sectors; businesses and organisations with those sectors that own or operate mass environment infrastructure; and other security specialists and advice delivery partners.

Police & Public Safety

INTERPORTPOLICE works closely with the police and security public safety authority’s units that support the Prevent, Protect and Prepare strands of counter terrorism and security strategy.

We focus on providing advice and guidance to police, public safety, government and industry to:

  • Prevention activities, methods, awareness, and solutions that instil a security culture
  • Protection of crowded places and critical infrastructure that hardens the environment
  • Preparedness of operational readiness and coordination in the event an incident occurs
  • Incorporating environment communication, collaboration, and implementation, based on outcomes.

Our Security Advisor’s primary role is to provide advice and guidance on the aspects of counterterrorism protective security to specified sectors.

We also work to secure by design, a security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit against a variety of crimes.


Our efforts in threats, hazards, resilience, and contingencies governs this work.  We assist and support public safety authorities which are government authorities, or those authorities chartered by government or have oversight and assurance of the security of airports, seaports, related transport, and other mass people environments.

Morrone 9/11 Center

The Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security is foremost a key partner in our efforts.  The funding, education research, and recognition programs are integral to our work. This includes the industry and academia sector relationships. Experts from within this wide variety of organization actively with us for the development of security and public safety.