Building a Global Directory – So We Can All Be In Touch & Share

Available at no cost, we are facilitating a communication and collaboration platform for the aviation, maritime, transport, border sector. The platform is encrypted and private to our users via mobile and desktop.  Even though the INTERPORTPOLICE manages the dashboard, all information is encrypted and only available to the recipients. It is designed for senior personnel to have the ability to exchange ideas and work together as a global forum for work, research, problem-solving, and ideas.  

The NetSfere communication platform is one of the very best day-to-day systems.  It allows the ability to have easy access and instant communication in the palm of your hands.

  • The Global Director is limited to vetted official personnel
  • Application must be made using your official email address
  • You must maintain your personal contact information on the system
  • You may elect to join appropriate group sectors in addition to the open directory
  • We have the ability to offer sub-group administration rights

Key Capabilities and features of the system:

  • 256-bit encryption protects data and maintains the privacy of orgs communications
  • Enterprise policies
  • Account access and remote wipe capabilities
  • Administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Collaboration: HD one to one & group voice, audio, & text collaboration
  • In-stream pictures document, location & forward capabilities
  • Meeting and Calendar functions
  • Video and sharing functions
  • Broadcast notices – Permission based
  • Securer cloud-based – totally private
  • Role-based internal and guest global users

REGISTER HERE – once accepted you will be notified of acceptance through our SRMX Portal, then you will receive an invitation through the Netsfere system.

The software is browser based, smart app, and has a desktop options for MAC and PCs.