Training is essential for any security environment Project Griffin is a evidence based train the trainer (TTT) programme and is based on a foundation of the original UK’s Project Griffin programme and the many years of operational delivery. The programme is open to law enforcement, public safety and government organisation, as well as corporate security organisations.  In addition our branded

environment engagement programme brings a combination of operational tactics, public affairs engagement, security and quality assurance best practises, and a communication system that adheres to the practise and provide a strong operational to crisis management system.

The train the trainer virtual classroom delivery will provide trainers with the baseline knowledge to create their content, consider their local environment, the geopolitical landscape, and global threats. The virtual teaching will advise on delivery methods, marketing, and administrative requirements to ensure success. It will high light the primary required subjects which will benefit the audience providing knowledge and confidence. It will support the organisations security culture or assist in developing the organisations security culture, assist in mitigating threats, helping protect the organisation, your City and communities from the threats of organised crime and terrorism. It may even reduce your insurance premiums as it will form part of your organisation’s mitigation.

The virtual classroom course will be presented over two, three hours days and will advise on other tactical operations such as ‘Griffin on the Go’ and our Behaviour Risk Assessment Operations, (BRAVO) the use of the free AtlasOne Community app. This app is in use with Police and Communities throughout the USA and Canada. The app will provide you with an essential communication link to your community where you can provide information and receive information enabling collaboration, integration, and education.