Start the journey with the Preview Guide, it offers a detailed overview of the Practice Guide itself and a path to start protecting the authority’s environment quickly with a 60-minute overview orientation session, security environment software at no-cost, and how to implement a long-term evidence-based community security tactic called Griffin on the Go.   We can then move forward with the opportunity to assist your environment with lessons learned CSBP -PSeMS Practice Guide if you so decide.   

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Customer Journey Map:  Security, Collaboration & Communication

We look forward to further discussions to see if we can make your jurisdiction safer.

Our staff has years of hands-on experience planning, training, launching, and evolving collaboration and communications programs for leading organizations around the globe; including national and field staffs for the US Agency for International Development, US Department of Defense, US Navy, Singapore’s Ministry of Defense, Australia’s State Emergency Services, Doctors Without Borders, and hundreds more.

From strategic change management planning to tactical use case development to efficient onboarding of communities with hundreds of thousands of users: we not only offer strong leadership in collaboration and communications programs, but our team also has deep knowledge and experience in law enforcement and security. 

This diverse background enables us to provide you with a customer journey that more quickly and thoroughly addresses your organization’s challenges and opportunities.