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stockholm terror attack

When evaluating public safety and security within a critical environment, it is crucial to consider all stakeholders within that environment, e.g., police, security personnel, tenant organizations, fire service personnel, port authorities, etc. Ensuring collaboration between all such groups will help provide a robust structure facilitating a coordinated security management team and more coordinated response to any security incident.

  • A community’s security practice needs to built around a proven strategy based on the following three areas:  Education – Collaboration  – Communication
  • Three broad recommendations provide overarching guidance to the strategy and its objectives. The principles are;

           1. Establish a collaborative group with representatives from Government, authorities, and all other

           stakeholders to enable the full range of assets and capabilities to be identified, reviewed, and included.

           2. Ensure the safe and efficient use of the organizations domains by ensuring they are assessing current

           threat and risk landscape and implementing action plans that mitigate those risks.

          3. Facilitate travel and commerce by collaborating, integrating, communicating, and promoting joint


These recommendations are critical to global, national, and local stability, economic growth, and safety. 

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