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Morrone 9/11 Center

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The Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security mission is to make the world a safer place.  This stems from the vision of Fred Morrone, an innovator and forward-thinking leader who advocated to assist countries across the globe, to include third world nations. 

In 2002 at the 9/11 Memorial in New York it was agreed by our Board and the Morrone family that Fred’s vision should be carried on; and we agreed to establish the Morrone Education Fund to ensure access to knowledge, practices, and training assistance was not ever deprived for the good of public safety globally. In 2016 the program was expanded and became a separate qualified 501c3 nonprofit and renamed the Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security.  

Today we are still evolving and progressing in the vision is to ensure the Morrone 9/11 Center provides resources to assist in projects, training, and practices. In addition, in Morrone’s name and that of his officers who gave their lives on September 11, 2001, to honor those police and public safety officers who continue the fight against terrorism and serious transnational crime.  Your support through donations and contributions allow us to provide that assistance.


About Fred V. Morrone

The Morrone 9/11 Center is a global living memorial to Superintendent of Police and Director of Public Safety Fred V. Morrone at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. His goals were to bridge countries together around the world in public safety and he strived to provide international cooperation on terrorism and other serious transnational crime.

Morrone and his 36 fellow officers perished in the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. Morrone was the Executive Vice President and incoming board president of the INTERPORTPOLICE – International Organization of Airport and Seaport Police at the time of his death.

A decision was made to not require our authorities to be required to provide mandatory fees for their participation as some authorities around the world would then be excluded. The efforts of the Morrone 9/11 Center make this possible and with the generosity of donor authorities and donations, it allows us to continue towards Fred’s goal. We hope you will support these efforts.

The Morrone Educational fund was established in his memory, with the consent of his family at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City in 2002. In 2016 Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security became a qualified U.S. 501c3 research and education organization to further support the efforts of making the world a safer place. Efforts focus on transportation security, public safety, critical infrastructure, and mass event environments.



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