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Intelligence-led security activities of an organization are essential for mitigating risk. The intelligence information can be gathered through processes and procedures carried out at the operational level. However, there can be challenges with data collection and data protection laws. On occasions, individuals and departments, whether within industry or government, have shown evidence of not sharing data and operating in silos. The effect of this is that the information is mismanaged or fails to deliver its benefits. Intelligence sharing and dissemination will provide the best preventative security approach. The way information is communicated and what is communicated will require evaluating to identify and address gaps, strengths, and weaknesses.

▶   It is essential to understand that intelligence information supports the risk mitigation process —

intelligence impacts the daily operation and the effectiveness and efficiency of the passenger journey

▶   Security is not only related to the restricted areas of a Port; layers of security can be incorporated

throughout the entire security process and can often be achieved without additional or substantial

operational cost.


The INTERPORTPOLICE works to facilitate the exchange of information between authorities as well as internal law enforcement and security joint intelligence programmes.  Working together we have actionable information shared within the intelligence and security community.  One such source that is part of our next work in the CSO Alliance in London, providing maritime threat analysis. 

Just as valuable is the establishing community intelligence programs between stakeholders within the jurisdiction community, especially where critical infrastructure is present.  The PSeMS practice guide illustrates the importance of this proven safety method.

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Mass environments, from a community to places of critical infrastructure are about people going about their way.  Security requires knowledge; and provides one of the best methods of prevention.  Insider threat is one of the most formidable challenges as it a threat within individuals who are most familiar and have access to the environment.

Security and law enforcement usually are a limited force within an environment and the individuals who work and travel in any environment can easily number one to ten or more within that community.  Enlisting a formal community security plan provides reliable eyes and ears within the environment.

Intelligence led security is critical to any environment. Too often essential information is not well communicated.  Based on the need to know, information can be filtered and distributed to better inform the right individuals.  Too often officers in the field are not kept apprised of actional information.

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