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One Global State of the Art Security Software & App to

Protect Every Mass Environment in the World; and at No Cost!

collaborative secutity

Through an MOU with the 9/11 Center, we are pleased to offer an environment wide security communication system license at no cost on an on-going basis for the public sector.  The solution is a single user smart app that allows for notification and alerts on a push basis and or multi-layered, geo-location.  The geo-based features provide notification as they enter or are in the notification zone in real-time.  The local public sector communication center controls and manages the information. This enterprise system provides this to an unlimited number of users within the environment. This means every person can be notified within the jurisdiction, and those who choose to use the favorite place feature are notified base on variable conditions.

The AtlasOne Essential Solution is provided at no cost to assist in community security on a collaborative basis through the Morrone 9/11 Center in their effort to Make the World a Safer Place.

The software is an essential part of the INTERPORTPOLICE Community Security – PSeMS best practice.  This fully functional system can be onboarded in minutes.  The new system is built on ten years of a legacy system used by more than one-hundred public safety agencies in Canada and the United States. 

From a Region to a Section of a Structure

The authority’s jurisdiction, in most cases, defines the notification area the authority can place notifications.  By using a shape or xx file to define the jurisdiction the system instinctively knows the notification reach.  This can be an entire city, airport, seaport, a building, part of a structure, or a path area.  Capabilities provide one to multiple geo-layered places that can be defined.  This can be done in advance, through templates, or on the fly.

Illustrations:   City     Area     Airport     Seaport     Transit      Building     Terminal    Path


Operational to a Crisis

Small to large, any public sector organization is provided one administrator license and unlimited user app to be distributed.  Upon registration, the system will be demonstrated to appropriate authority personnel, upon agreement to move forward, the authority provides the shape or xxx file to define the jurisdiction, it takes less than one-half hour for training and placing the system in operational order. 

This system, and who had the ability to use is it is restricted to vetted public authority organizations.


AtlasOne Essential Communications

This state of the art mass environment communication system has been built from the bottom up based on 10 years of the first-generation legacy system used currently by more than 100 public authority jurisdictions in Canada and the United States.  The new development was completed in working closely with the departments and several major organizations have already adopted the new platform.

The system Essential Solution provides an authority to keep in touch with every single individual in the designated jurisdiction on a mass basis down to a section of a structure, all in real-time or on geo-location bases when a user approaches or is in that particular location.

(optional group program is used it can filter the users for public and private groups(s) and content management available, see options below).  


One Global App that Moves with the User

Think location-based.  The system generates a notice or alert and it is received via the smart app.  In the event of an alert if provide an alarm.  An additional feature is based on “Favorite Places”, a notification can be set up for a location that is significant to the user.  The app can be downloaded via the Apple or Google app stores.  Various permissions are provided at the user level.  




In Touch All the Time

As various authorities come online, the smart app provides greater coverage, as the single app moves with the user.  The user is notified one of the ways: on a mass notification basis, as they are in or move into a location, or if they have designated the location a favorite place.  The geo-location notices are relevant as they are purposed for where the individual user is at present.  (optionally, the authority can choose to use the Studio’s content management system.  This allows for the connection of information beyond the notices or can generate information as the user comes into the area.  This provides for more detailed information.  When work-related the practicality goes much further from instructions to directories.


Complete the application below to enroll your agency at no cost

Click on the “Enroll your Agency” button above to claim your spot. We will immediately contact you by email.

Participate in a daily Atlas One onboarding session

We are conducting daily Atlas One webinars to discuss logistics and agency onboarding.

Announce the availability of Atlas One to your community

When you are ready to announce the availability of Atlas One, let your community know this free tool is available and they link staff, personnel, tenants, even the public to the Apple iOS and Google Android App Stores.  In addition,  posters and handout templates are available for download to print or use the online templates.  As part of Project Griffin International, we will continue to find ways of providing education-based material for authorities to make them a safer place.




Two optional features are available with the Essential Plan:

Groups – place any user in a public or private group(s) – filtering notifications based on users; and

Studio – provides a versatile content management portfolio as part of the app or notification link(s)

    • Both optional features US 4,900 US, UK 3,890, EU 4,350, CA 6,660, annually


The AtlasOne Essential System is provided gratis under the agreement with the Morrone 9/11 Center.  In addition, the Port Protective Management System Practice Guide and GAP Analysis is also made available to authorities at no cost.

This fully functional system will assist in protecting your authority through notification and alerts based on geo-location capabilities. One AtlasOne administrator license (nonintegrated CAD/PSAP or APIs) communication system is provided along with an unlimited user smart apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. No further requirements are necessary and will remain free forever as long as the authority has it in use.  If any of the optional features are desired, they can be included in the system; a trial period is made available for the first thirty days at no cost. Additional licenses and support plans are available in the professional and enterprise systems. Have a question? Email us at


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