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Community Security – PSeMS: Practice Guide 

Port Security Management Systems The Port Security Management System (PSeMS) provides a structured and proactive framework for assuring an organization’s security. PSeMS incorporates an approach to security that addresses the components of information, physical, cyber and personnel, and incorporates the requirement of accountability at a…

Critical Infrastruture, Disaster Preparedness

Develop a Security Culture 

When reviewing an organisation's security culture, there are some hard questions that need to be addressed: What type of security culture do they have; What does it mean;and Does it support and demonstrate correct security behaviours It is easy to say but, the question is,...
Safe & Smart Environment, Training

Behaviour Risk Assessment 

What is Insider Threat? An insider is someone who (knowingly or unknowingly) misuses legitimate access to commit a malicious act or damage their employer. These days, most insider acts involve the physical environment and cyber insider threat”. Monitoring capabilities to identify insider precursors and behaviour;...
Safe & Smart Environment, Training

Immersive training; table top exercises 

The View 360 Global cloud-based platform provides an effective immersive and interactive learning experience where critical incident, complex investigations, and crisis or risk management scenarios can be replicated in a safe learning environment most anywhere in the world. Our experienced staff and advisors will fully...
Communication, Safe City

Security Culture 

Establishing a set of values, one shared by everyone in an organisation, will determine how people are expected to think about and approach security.  It is essential to an effective personnel and people security regime’.  In other words, how does security work when you are...
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