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CSBP / PSeMS Practice Preview Guide 

Start the journey with the Preview Guide, it offers a detailed overview of the Practice Guide itself and a path to start protecting the authority's environment quickly with a 60-minute overview orientation session, security environment software at no-cost, and how to implement a long-term evidence-based...
Critical Infrastruture, Disaster Preparedness

Develop a Security Culture 

When reviewing an organisation's security culture, there are some hard questions that need to be addressed: What type of security culture do they have; What does it mean;and Does it support and demonstrate correct security behaviours It is easy to say but, the question is,...
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Gunshot Detection System 

Our Government customers trust the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System to perform in every environment safely and securely, with software certified to operate on some of the world’s largest, most complex and highly secure Government networks. Guardian is integrated with the systems you’ve already invested in, providing you with a complete solution and a common operating picture that provides situational awareness when seconds matter most.

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