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A safe and smart environment depends on the human element, the policy, procedures, implementation, and adherence to them, and technology.  We depend on technology for nearly every aspect of our lives today and for the security and performance of our environment outcomes.  We must ensure such use of any technology enhances the human element and ensures it has its own check and balances, as it too is vulnerable from the information, we feed it, from internal and external threats.

But if done managed well technology brings a broad sense of comfort, effectiveness, and efficiency that provides the security, resources, and management tools we seek to rely on.  



Registrations / Self Audit / Review / Certification

The authority shall submit their registration application to the INTERPORTPOLICE with the documents requested in the application process for admission

According to the documentary evaluation and approval, the first step for membership will be completed. From that moment, the company will have 9 months to implement the CSBP/PSeMS Security and Control Management System. Once completed the implementation, The INTERPORTPOLICE will conduct a security audit for verification of meeting all requirements to be certified.

Trained and certified competent Auditors who act as third parties to carry out the audits and verification of compliance with International Standards and their processes. 

Based upon the results of the audit, the INTERPORTPOLICE will determine eligibility for:

Registration:  Refers to an oral and documentation review with the authority. Registration is valid for 15 months: or
Certification: Refers to those authorities whose Security Practices and Management and Control System are in compliance with the CSBP/PSeMs international Standards and in are deemed in compliance based on an on-site audit.

Certification is valid for three (3) years. Therefore, companies will be audited annually in order to verify the maintenance and improvement of the Security and Control Management system.


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