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The Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Centre of Excellence

Representing 13 nations; one of 26 NATO accredited Centres worldwide;

Representing a collective wealth of international experience, expertise, and best practices.

CJOS activities are guided by a program of work approved by the sponsoring nations based upon the requests received by NATO, the CJOS member countries, and other entities. CJOS, an organization outside the NATO Command Structure, is open to requests for support by any organization. Requests received will be considered for inclusion in the program of work based upon their alignment to CJOS interests and those of the sponsoring nations and NATO. The 2020 CJOS Programme of Work, approved by the Executive Steering Committee, is listed below:

To learn more about CJOS – COE visit the website

The INTERPORTPOLICE has been active in CJOS since 2015 and is currently a member of the Maritime Security Regime Working Group.  In addition, the working group is exploring collaborative efforts using global sharing information tools hosted by the INTERPORTPOLICE in cooperation with the Morrone 9/11 Center.

Maritime Security Regimes Working Group

Contributing to Interoperability and Integration

Maritime Security; not a given

No MSA means fewer opportunities to counter threats/vulnerabilities

Absence of relationships between key maritime stakeholders

Need to develop a collaborative contribution to MSA

Critical need for standardization and interoperability

Lack of global and regional governance structures

Cyber vulnerabilities




The MSR Working Group is transitioning to a collaborative communication tool using MS TEAMS.  This will provide an environment for real-time information, and communication compatible with committee requirements.

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The MSR Working Group members are eligible to enroll in our NETSFERE secure global directory mobile sharing platform messaging app with on-demand communication and collaboration features.

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