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How does mass the environment security landscape need to change?

Effective security is achieved and maintained by collaboration, security is not effective in silos. Threats to public safety and our critical infrastructure continue to evolve, recent examples of this include drones and cyber-attacks.  It is important that those who oversee security where a mass environment exists, that authority personnel, tenant staff, and or the public are placed at risk, must evolve their security practices based on current threat and security requirements. Effective security in mass environments requires effective collaboration and communication.  This mindset requires the buy-in and adoption from the top down within the entire environment to ensure we are working in a preventative, and not a reactive manner.

This requires the entire security community to challenge itself as to whether a potential new threat requires adjustments to the existing level of security and if so, any potential increase in security needs to be carefully balanced against other considerations. As authorities, we must also look to adapt our approach, ever mindful of the need for the aviation community to better utilize limited resources. 

  • Include stakeholders within the security community
  • Adopt a risk management planning cycle, providing for a holistic approach
  • Adopt a risk assessment based on vulnerability – plan a process to mitigate the risks
  • Include internal and external stakeholder; provide regular meetings
  • Provide, and disseminate, and discuss, as appropriate, relevant security information
  • Implement education and training, as appropriate, to personnel, tenants, and stakeholders
  • Maintain internal and external communication
    • Maximize the eyes and ears within the security community
    • Ensure key authorities and stakeholders can coordinate, and communicate on an interoperable basis


A community’s security practice needs to build around a proven strategy based the requirements of internal and external needs based on the following three areas:

  •  Education
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

This does just happen; it requires a well thought out approach.  If you require assistance from strategy to implementation, we have experts that have lived and breathed these requirements, including managing in providing assistance within a single environment for over 120,000 employees working around the world.


Environments differ, each require reliant resources and an outcome built on a successful implementation. 

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