Working collaboratively for better outcomes

Working together, we can learn, respond, train, and evaluate to ensure we as organizations can evaluate to educate ourselves and others. Incident review is a good example. We started with the challenge of communications failures in active shooter events, and from there it moved into incident review of an active shooter, terrorism, and other serious crimes, and what came out of this in addition to all the good knowledge was a set of best practises.

Over five years, we continued to meet in forums or actively go on-site to evaluate the scenarios. It always has included visiting a post incident directly after or being briefed by those directly involved. Because of COVID, these forums were suspended. We, however, look to begin this process again in the coming year and not only review additional incidents but revisit the outcome of the review, our Community Security Best Practise Guide.

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Practice Guide Preview

Below is a Preview Guide of the Community Security Practice for your evaluation.