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Introducing Atlas One

  A Single Smart App That Moves Around Your Jurisdiction and the World. 

A NextGen System Providing a Simple to Use Dashboard that Places the Authority in Control of Trusted Information Through the Atlas One App; and Pushed Optionally and Simultaneously to Social Media.

Made available to authorities at no cost, as part of Project Griffin in cooperation with the Morrone 9/11 Center

Download this PDF brochure to understand the requirements of communication and collaboration and how we have learned can happen when an authority is not prepared and can benefit from preventative actions >

Atlas One Dashboard

Fine Print:  The INTERPORTPOLICE, working with the Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security is offering one administrative license for as long at the authority actively uses it at no cost. This full featured system provides for unlimited smart apps and use throughout the jurisdiction. User are notified in real-time and can be jurisdiction-wide or using geo-fencing can pinpoints multiple areas as needed and alert the user once they arrive at that location. User can also follow jurisdiction and pinpoint thier own locations of concern, such as a workplace or school, and received the notification worldwide. The application moves with the user and offers the same capabilities in the other jurisdiction that have the system deployed. 

The system may be intergraded into a CAD, and other systems for a fee. In addition, and optionally, other capabilities are available but are not required at any time.

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