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Forethought of what could happen, and mitigation is essential.  In addition, adequate training is also an important aspect, but we need to go further to understand what can happen based on facts.  We inspect global events and bring them to the authorities so they may evaluate their preparedness and what they would do in the event it would happen at their authority.  It will happen, it just depends on what the incident involves and the level of the incident.  

The Unexpected Can Happen
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Train crash port

From our day to day operational readiness to responding to an incident, emergency, or crisis, preparedness is essential.  Whether a violent act or a devastating natural disaster, preparing for any emergency or a catastrophic event is an endurance task; one never knows when something will happen.  

The authority must have access to adequate resources to meet a worst-case scenario and understand the needs of other stakeholders. It will take a well-orchestrated and robust team to react and deal with those within the affected area.  The authority and its managers need to consider the difference between controlled evacuation procedures to that of a self-initiated mass evacuation due to an unforeseen event such as a marauding attack. Managers of mass people environments should expect uncontrolled self-mass evacuation into and onto all available areas. It is critical to ensure such events are managed and controlled.  


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