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              Meetings and Engagement             

From our Aviation, Maritime, and Border Agencies, to National governments and their agencies, the European Union, the United Nation Agencies, and other international organizations, for fifty years we have interacted, participated, and spearheaded engagement.

Announced Meetings:

Global Maritime Forum: Tentative Late 2022 – London


The INTERPORTPOLICE role is to assist our authorities in their efforts to provide a safe and secure environment.  From the traveling public to the supply chain aviation, maritime and border authorities are economic engines that require critical infrastructure and people protection.  Operations, projects, policy, and legislation can affect different aspects of the authorities. In addition, some authorities are well funded and their capabilities are vast, others struggle to keep up with base requirements. 

When it comes to the prevention, protection, and preparedness of the authorities foes operate both independently to the well organised.  Criminals have no rules, no borders, any obligations but to themselves, whereas the authorities have all of these requirements.  

We interact through memorandums of understanding,  structured organizations, events, committees, and considerations of requests  If we can be of assistance please get in contact.

Agency collaboration, field interactions, pilot projects, technology innovation, policy, and security practices; a collaborative force.

Security Projects


Tech Innovation

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Field Interation


Policy Collaboration

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Intl. Cooperation


Global Meetings

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Training & Exercises

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