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International Maritime Organization

IMO – the International Maritime Organization – is the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for maritime safety and security.  The INTERPORTPOLICE holds consultative status and works within the IMO and collaborates with other law enforcement and security agencies and organization for sustainable development goals.

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Port and Ship Facilitation

Ships, crewmembers and the goods and passengers that they carry across borders are subject to a range of government controls, both on arrival and departure. These controls address a wide range of issues including ensuring public health, revenue protection, security, immigration, enforcing controls on importing and exporting prohibited and restricted items, and sanctions enforcement. 

There are also a range of practical procedures and processes that must be followed in relation to the enhancement of maritime safety as well as to the provision of general port services to ships. As with the regulatory controls, these may be due to national requirements or may be mandated by international conventions and agreements.

All of these controls and procedures, be they local, national or international, regulatory or commercial, have features in common – they all require provision of information to a range of different agencies and entities, and they require action to be taken by ships, crews and ports.

The process by which these myriad regulations, requirements and procedures are simplified and harmonized is known as “facilitation”.  If every country and every port within each country have different requirements for ships, cargoes and people, chaos and inefficiency ensue.   The need for standardization and cutting of red tape was recognized by the Maritime Safety Committee very early on in the life of what was then called the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO) – now IMO, through the development of the Convention on the Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic, 1965, as amended (the FAL Convention). 

IMO Facilitation and Committees

The INTERPORTPOLICE works to support the IMO’s mission.  Most often we concentrate on maritime safety and security from the various perspectives of port facilities, shipping, and the security of the supply chain.  We invite port authority security and law enforcement to participate in working with our Organization to facilitate required aspects of the IMO’s work.  Also, we make the IMO’s information available, including the regular correspondence posted to the IMO website.  If your organisation wishes the information to this end, please review our portal information and sign up as appropriate.  PORTAL

The Committees listed below are responsible for the development, review, updating, and approval of the Organization’s guidelines and regulations. The Committee’s report to the Organization’s Council and Assembly on the status of their Committee and related Sub-Committees.

Committees are described by their titles, as follows:

  • Facilitation Committee FAL
  • Marine Safety Committee MSC

Additional details regarding the Committees can be found using the IMO Official Website.

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