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The International Criminal Police Organization, commonly known as INTERPOL, is an international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime control. Headquartered in Lyon, it has seven regional bureaus worldwide and a National Central Bureau in all 194 member states.

Aviation and maritime law enforcement interface with INTERPOL as part of a range of initiatives designed to bridge the gap between national and international policing and help law enforcement agencies make maximum use of the varied services we provide.  Specifically, the INTERPORTPOLICE has been working to solidify a common challenge that INTERPOL and other agencies have in the movement of information securely and effectively from the jurisdiction to national and up to global information sources.  

In addition, perspective allows us to balance specific training on particular subjects with a more cross-cutting approach designed to foster professionalism and sustainability and support the interdiction of serious transnational crime. 

1-Vehicle-parts-on-trailer-in-Poland INTERPOL

An international operation supported by INTERPOL has highlighted the scale of motor vehicle crime in Europe, including the smuggling of stolen vehicles, spare parts, and document fraud.

Secretary Jay Grant and Director of Training Neville Hay at a committee meeting at INTERPOL, Lyon France

Organized crime networks are billion-dollar businesses operating in many crime areas. As a general rule, organized criminal networks are involved in many different types of criminal activities spanning several countries. 

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