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Secretary General Jay Grant

Jay Grant was appointed Septembre 10, 2010 and serving is serving his third five-year term as the 5th Secretary General of the 50-year-old police organization.

He serves as director and chief executive. His prior positions include that as director of the U.S. Port Security Council, where his activities included national coordination and intergovernmental affairs for airport and seaport law enforcement and public safety with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and U.S. Congress in the aftermath of 9/11.

His efforts has taken him globally in the work of addressing safe mass environments and transportation security.  This has entailed environment best practices addressing the security mindset based on today’s issues, active shooter, innovative technology solutions to addressing COVID-19 in the workplace.  This most commonly has been done through collaborative initiatives working with national governments to local law enforcement and security agencies.  In recent years several workshops and forums of multiple countries have meet from Hong Kong to the Los Angeles, New York, London, Stockholm, Brussels, Paris, Amman, and Amsterdam.

The Secretary has been a visible leader for international transportation security. Before joining the INTERPORTPOLICE his work in law enforcement and public safety issues are numerous and include collaboration with the United States Congress, assisting in appropriating billions of dollars for public port security transportation authority programs. He travels internationally working on operational and policy issues from counterterrorism to training to intelligence.

He has endeavoured to find the latest in technology and promotes establishing best practices to ensure the mitigation of risk and finding ways to have jurisdictions cooperate in federating programs of mutual interest. He has been featured globally in editorials and guest columns and has been quoted often in the general media, Capitol Hill and security publications. Current projects include a focus on key technology in support collaboration portal.

His work with port authorities and governments primarily focuses on security and law enforcement policy, intelligence and operational issues include security grants, the passage of airport, seaport and border legislation, pilot programs, and operational security evaluations. He has personally visited authorities around the world, including extensive work with the United Kingdom and other European Union airport and seaport police departments. Finding programs of mutual interest has been a key objective. The pursuit of international policy and cooperation for aviation, maritime and transport security has been a priority; in addition, other issues that are associated with the wellbeing of port authority’s such as a community’s economic engines and environmental issues have been also part of his portfolio.

The Secretary was instrumental in establishing the 9/11 Award and Medal program to support the organisation’s vow to “Never Forget” in which the Superintendent Fred V. Morrone Memorial Education Fund was established. Thus, has served as the Executive Committee Chair of the Morrone 9/11 Centre for Public Safety & Security since 2007. The 9/11 Awards charter is to remember our fallen heroes and celebrate those who carry on the mission of fighting terrorism and serious transnational crime. The 9/11 program sponsorship program raises funds for the training and education exchange program, so officers and officials may benefit from each other’s skills globally.

Previously the Secretary served the American Port Authorities after 9/11 managing legislative efforts and securing billions in port security appropriations to build the security structure in the aftermath.  In addition to is Washington, D.C. efforts, he collaborated globally on terrorism, critical infrastructure protection, and preventative solutions.    During this period, he was as an advisor to Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson at DHS – Border Transportation Security; was prior to 9/11 was the Sr. Washington Legislative Counselor to the State of Arkansas.  His initial political efforts began working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson (D) Washington, in his bid for the U.S. Presidency, after his military service in the U.S. Air force.

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