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Authorities, police, public safety, and security whose country is a member of the United Nations (to include INTERPOL) and /or who were admitted to the INTERPORTPOLICE prior to 2010 are provided with the option of General Authority Observer status at no fee if they so elect because of the current budget constraints.  The mission of law enforcement and security organization is to serve and authority allocation of funding was suspended in 2010 at the Vancouver, B.C. Canada meeting due to requests of several authorities. General Authorities (as classified) need only to register to be recognized by submitting their application and are granted Observer Status.  However, like any organization, funding is essential, through those authorities in the Donor Status classification, programme fees, grants, and other contributions allow for the services to be provided.  Those who meet the criteria as General Authorities are encouraged to choose Donor status; Associate Status classification requires a regulated minimum fee, and are recognized as indicated.   


  • Be a legally constituted authority, government, or regulated by a government or authority for the purposes of law enforcement and or security related to aviation and or maritime authority jurisdiction.
  • Apply for admission in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the INTERPORTPOLICE.


  • General Authority: Law enforcement, security, and intelligence authority/government agency related to aviation,  maritime or transport (includes border/transit)
  • Associate Authority: Regulated security, and or public safety related to aviation, maritime or transport (includes border/transit)
  • General and Associate Authority participation is inclusive of the command staff:
    • Observer status – registration
    • General Authority – $960  €795  £690
  • Sustaining Officer individual police, security, or public safety officer or official 
    • Associate Command LE Officer – $195 € 160  £140
    • Observing Security Officer – $85 € 75  £ 65

CSBP – PSeMS  Practice Guidance and self-audit fee is included in donor Authority fees; optional implementation of audit review and certification is additional. 

All administration of fees are billed and managed by the Morrone 9/11 Center through the SRMX Portal.  


  • Security Forums
  • Projects & Resources
  • Environment / Immerse Training
  • UN Agency Interaction
  • Intelligence & Collaboration
  • IMO Authority Consultation
  • Technology Innovation 
  • Safe Environment Programmes
  • Honours Program
  • Meetings and Work Groups
  • Community Security Best Practices – Quality Management Guide
    • Requires General, Associate Eligibility
    • Evidence-based practices, lessons learned, Quality Assurance
    • Self-audit is included.  Implementation and audit program are optional


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4th World Port Security Summit, held at the United Nations IMO headquarters in London.

Anticipate a virtual Summit in or in person in 2022 in London.  Previous Summits were hosted in:

  • New York
  • Hong Kong
  • Los Angeles
  • Hamburg
  • 2022 to be scheduled


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