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Intelligence goes beyond government sources; When it comes to an airport, seaport or our transport environments, intelligence needs to be inclusive of the community that affects the environment.  This means working with staff, tenants and business and their employees in the surround area.  It is the people who are active and passive in and around that environments community that are your best sources. Once your information community is built, your intelligence and collaboration flow provides for a stronger fortress.

Protect Griffin instills collaborative involvement of the security community; bringing together the eyes and ears of the environments stakeholders

Prevent – Protect – Prepare


Effective Collaboration and Communication are the Core Principles of Project Griffin

April 7, 2017, in Stockholm an Islamist terrorist attack which took place in central Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. A hijacked truck was deliberately driven into crowds along Drottninggatan, then crashing into an Åhléns department store. Five people were killed, including an eleven-year-old girl and 14 others were seriously injured.

By coincidence the INTERPORTPOLICE Griffin programme was testing a collaborative communication system at a major Stockholm hospital.  The impact on communication during the attack saw first responder radios and the city’s emergency 111 phone systems become overloaded and congested, as witnessed in many other major incidents.  Suddenly and unexpectedly our test system became a live communications tool for security to operate and coordinate their efforts during overwhelming activities. The outcome was while other systems failed during the event, our test system provided highly effective connectivity during the crisis period.

Project Griffin International is a seasoned and validated counterterrorism best practice providing a holistic approach to a critical infrastructure’s environment to include: airport’s, seaports, transport and border policing and security.

This community based strategy offers a tactical roadmap, and operational structure to implement jurisdictional command collaboration, sharing, awareness, protection, and aftermath implementation that affects an authority internally and externally to ensure safety and security.

Project Griffin was originally introduced by the City of London Police and Metropolitan Police in April 2004 to help London’s financial sector better protect itself against terrorist threats and multiple bomb events. It has since become a national practice of the United Kingdom overseen by the UK’s police support unit, the National Counterterrorism Security Office.  

In April 2015, the INTERPORTPOLICE entered into an MOU with the UK Executive Board to bring Project Griffin(C) to the transportation security sector worldwide under the name Project Griffin International.

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