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When evaluating public safety in a vulnerable environment it is important to integrate multiple requirements, e.g., policing, security, safety, customer service, emergency management, range of stakeholders, the likelihood of risk and threat, and so forth. The more comprehensive and planned these assessments are the stronger the organization is for providing coordinated management during a crisis, should such an event occur.  The purpose of an evaluation is to ensure and maintain the organization’s effectiveness and resilience in its ability to respond to critical events.


The Community Security best practices [CSBP] program brings together the principles of Port Protective System Management [PSeMS] and lessons learned from actual incident outcomes and articulates preventative measures of Project Griffin to form a methodology and approach that supports security resilience. In addition, observations and recommendations are incorporated into the program guide and provide insight based on evidence-based practices and the lessons learned.


Project Griffin International (PGI)

A wide-ranging strategy to improve and support security in environments where people gather, participate, or work by helping to reduce their vulnerability to terrorism and other threats. The strategy is based on the proven proactive operational imperatives of; Protect, Prevent, and Prepare. This integrated approach provides for a Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) methodology and approach to education, tactics, collaborative communication, and effective technology integration.

The Port Security Management System (PSeMS)

PSeMS provides a structured and proactive framework for assuring an organization’s security. PSeMS incorporates an approach to security that addresses the components of information, physical, cyber, and personnel, and incorporates the requirement of accountability at a senior level within the organization. This document will address how government authorities and associated stakeholders using the PSeMS framework can provide a more secure and safe environment. This framework helps coordinate processes and procedures covering governance, legal requirements, operating procedures, delivery, monitoring, review, and audit for security.

Quick Start Community Policing

Working effectively with your community is an essential public safety requirement.  Evidence-based practices have shown getting out with the community builds trust, provides insight, and using intelligence-led information can reduce crime.  Griffin on the Go is an effective tactic that can be deployed quickly and effectively and supports a jurisdiction wide trust system working side by side with operational and alert notification within your community.  Download this short brochure for additional information.

Andrew McClumpha

Standards & Practice Lead

PSeMS was the outcome of a multi-year program led by Andrew McClumpha,  working closely with senior representatives of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure [CNI]. We are pleased to welcome Andrew McClumpha as part of the InterPortPolice team and PSeMS lead. The Protective Security Management Systems [PSeMS] is a product of the United Kingdom’s Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure [CPNI].

The Community Security Best Practice Guide

Practice Guide + Self Gap Analysis + Environment Software @ no cost!

Sign up for the 90 minute overview program


In concert with the Morrone 9/11 Center, we want to make your environment safer.  We are offering the Practice Guide, GAP Analysis, and an environment wide notification software for all users in the environment at no cost.

A Jurisdiction Wide Operational and Alert Notification System Included at No Cost



We would like to introduce you to Atlas One.  The INTERPORTPOLICE in cooperation with the Morrone 9/11 Center is sponsoring an environment-wide communication software and can include every person in an environment at no cost to the authority, and there is much more. This is our way of working to make the world a safer place. 


  • Sign up for our 90-minute CBSP – PSeMS training session, learn how the best practice, can assist your environment.
  • After the session, we will issue a certificate of completion letter providing that provides your agency the software for an on-going basis at no cost – if it wasn’t worthwhile we would not offer it. We do not think you will be disappointed.


The Atlas One Essential System is provided under a three-year sponsorship through an MOU between the Morrone 9/11 in Center cooperation with the INTERPORTPOLICE.  The authority may maintain the software at no cost on an on-going basis as long as the software is being used during each calendar year and after testing and evaluation, adopted as an official programme by management and used. References are available, there is no obligation to continue the software or upgrade the system to other features and capabilities.

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