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Technology Solutions

In today’s world technology has become as essential aspect of security.  This has brought its own set of challenges, one be cyber, another being reliance, and finally the human element.  Having a tool is great; adoption, ease of use, and reliability are a crucial factors. 

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One of the key aspects of technology the INTERPORTPOLICE has been focusing on communication and collaborative technology since real since 2014 specifically to assist our authorities with practical solutions.  Some of our personnel have worked globally with governments and the commercial market in their professional involvement of counterterrorism and security.  So often we are uninformed or reinventing the wheel. 

We have teamed up with the Morrone 9/11 Center to bring forth:

  • Solutions – technology that is being recommended or documented being used by an authority;  
  • Innovate – technology found interesting, forward-thinking, or even futuristic; and
  • Sponsored – technology organizations that have contributed to the Morrone 9/11 Center as a sponsor. 
  • Research and Reports – information about relevant information that is helpful and interesting concerning technology, security, and other threats.
  • Portals  providing secure global portals to our policing and security community; 

We appreciate your feedback, comments, and assistance on a company, a product, a review, or let us know if you are trying to find a solution.  The only solutions here are those that are highly though by our team or recommend by an authority.   

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