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Training for any organization is imperative.  Training must not only encompass the individual’s specific role, responsibilities, and requirements but needs to be broad enough so they are aware of other’s responsibilities and or duties.  There is a necessity to train and exercising together within the security environment.  Often, we see training as isolated/ stove-piped.  If the interaction between the parties is essential to the outcome, then the policy and procedures must reflect such actions and detail and train for this interaction.

Today’s training must be broadened to include the current threat environment; it changes the game of public safety.  Training must be adapted to instill prevention as well as protection and being prepared if there is an incident.  Appropriate security training must go beyond policing and security personnel to widen the fabric of the security ring offering a mass amount of eyes and ears from the basic levels to more sophistication with tenant security managers to the highest levels of operational personnel who too must be aware of suspicious activity, the insider threat and recognize those who show signs of are radicalism or mental instability.

Training insight from lesson learn from major incidents:

  • When reviewing required training the environment officials must consider a range of scenarios and provide for training and tactical integration of public safety partners as well as the readiness of civilian residents.
  • Training must consider the pressing medical needs of any incident, such as injured and or wounded, balanced against operational risk.
  • Training needs to include internal as well as external stakeholders as appropriate.  Duties need to be defined.  (In the event of a crisis, many will respond, if those stakeholders and or first responders are not trained, have knowledge of the environment, they will be more of a hindrance than a help.

Our professional Advisors have had many years of security, counterterrorism, workforce optimisation, and organized crime experience and are available to train your staff so you may incorporate key threats, awareness, and other security methods into your training programmes

Staff learn practical information to empower them to be aware of their surroundings and environment to be able to assist effectively in any crisis.  

• Training may take place in the environment itself or regional training centres.


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