Our mission

Our mission is to integrate efforts at an intergovernmental level to address the challenges of security, transnational crime, and terrorism by protecting public safety, transport systems, and critical infrastructure to assist in preserving the world’s transportation systems and port security communities. Protective and Preventive policing is that aspect of law enforcement that provides a deterrent to crime and terrorism and is a defining characteristic of modern policing and security. MORE

Our vision

Together, We Are A Global Force. Established in 1969 as a specialized security organization by and for the support on an intergovernmental basis port police and security authorities globally. We inspire to bring our authorities collaborative security programmes, communication, and best practices to assist in operational and crisis management.

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Our team

Our strength lies in our mutual collaboration, working together to make our Nations, Communities, and World a safer place.

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We always seek leaders who can assist with the mission by serving on the Board, a Regional Commissioner, or Chair or serving on the various committees.

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Chris Trelawny IPM

Deputy Secretary General

Jay Grant IPM

Secretary General & Director