How an authority participates:

You're responsible for protecting the authority, the public, and the supply chain against threats like terrorism and other serious crimes. Working as a global force, we achieve our requirements effectively and address community, national, and global security threats. Become part of the team that can make a difference in keeping your community safe. We want to hear from you.

Membership offers:

  • Representation at regulation and policy development for the United Nations and other international organizations;

  • Opportunities to participate in INTERPORTPOLICE delegations to the United Nations and other international organizations;

  • Opportunities to contribute to the development of guidance and best practices for the transport security and law enforcement sectors, including through lessons learned;

  • Opportunities for staff to access, deliver, receive, and develop high quality training courses and material;

  • Access to guidance and best practices developed by other INTERPORTPOLICE member organizations;

  • Support to members’ interests when promoting national inter-agency cooperation;

  • Opportunities to participate in impartial security assessment and audits of members’ security and law enforcement systems;

  • Participation in a global recognition and awards programme for individuals and organizations; and

  • Access to a robust communication and networking system connecting member organizations and individual members.


Authorities, police, public safety, intelligence, and security whose country is a member of the United Nations or INTERPOL or who were admitted to the INTERPORTPOLICE before 2010 are eligible authorities.

The Admission's annual donor fee policy has changed; the authority funding allocation was suspended in 2008 due to authorities' requests, however, effective with 2024 a minimum donor fee is required unless Observation Status (no donor fee) is granted.  Normally this category is for mid-year budget or severe budget restraints—observer Status. 

Upon submission, a letter of invitation will be offered.  The Organization donor admission fee will be sent via an invoice.  Requirements are as follows:



Be a legally constituted government, authority, or regulated authority for law enforcement security or intelligence responsible for aviation, maritime, transport, or border sector. 

STATUARY CONTRIBUTIONS: Each authority contributes a minimum yearly contribution or applies for observing status.  

  • Apply for admission per the guidelines and policies of the INTERPORTPOLICE.

    • Law enforcement, security, and intelligence authority/government agency related to aviation, maritime, or transport (includes border/transit).  Upon submission, a draft admission letter will be forwarded to the authority.  The authority doner fee is $975 a year. A list of senior personnel will be requested.  An authority with budget restraints mid-year may request Observation Status.

    • Regulated Authority: Port Authority security and/or public safety related to aviation, maritime, transport, or border that are a private organization regulated or contracted by a government authority The Organization donor fee is $1,250 a year.  

Funding – The requirements to work globally and assist member countries and authorities from traditional resources go beyond police and security budgets. Therefore, voluntary funding from governments and security organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private entities through programmes, projects, grants, and other contributions becomes essential. We appreciate your appropriate inquiries.


  • Consultative Authority: An organized association or institution that holds members or are an educational institution and a main area of effort is related to aviation, maritime,  transport, or border; public safety and security that wishes to contribute to and support the activities of the Organization through various contribution, including academics, research, and other approved activities relating to policing, public safety, and security.  May apply and on approval the is no Donor fee: $0


  • Sustaining: A commercial Company with security interests related to aviation, maritime, transport, or border issues, including public critical infrastructure that would like to keep abreast of information and be included in identified general programs.  Fee: Organization: $1,875.  Individuals: $375.

After submitting the form to the right, you will be forwarded to our Community Security Practice Guide, provided on an Adobe reader; at the bottom of the page, you can download a PDF. If you have any questions, please email us or use the contact form on the contact page.  Government law enforcement and security or other approved security organizations will have the Security Practice Guide be forwarded.

Thank you!

Learn more and Participate: Please review the About Brochure. Upon submission, the page will be forwarded to our Community Security Preview Guide, it can also be downloaded to a PDF.

If you have any immediate questions, please email or call. Thank you!