Who We Work With

INTERPORTPOLICE provides member police and security authorities opportunities to collaborate in order to better identify risks to and reduce the vulnerability of critical infrastructure, with a particular focus on addressing aviation, maritime, related transport networks and border vulnerability.

Our primary partners are those who have the responsibility for the protection of airports, seaports, public transportation systems and supply chains. They include government departments, police authorities, private sector organisations that own or operate mass transportation infrastructure, entities securing mass events, and other security specialists and advice delivery partners.

Police & Public Safety

INTERPORTPOLICE works closely with the police and security public safety authority units that support the Prevent, Protect and Prepare strands of counter terrorism and security strategy.

  • We focus on providing guidance and collaborative efforts to police, public safety, security, government on:

  • Prevention of unlawful acts, including methods, awareness, and solutions that instil a security culture

  • Protection of crowded places and critical infrastructure through “target hardening” measures

  • Preparation of operational readiness and incident response plans

  • International representation with United Nations organizations and other government programmes

  • Working with industry for cooperative efforts, from partnering offers to pilot projects.

Incorporation of proven, effective communication, collaboration, and implementation tools. Our primary Security Advisory role is to provide tailored advice and guidance to specified sectors on protective security measures and effective procedures to counter terrorism and criminal threats. We also work to “Secure by Design”, a security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings against a variety of crimes, to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit.

We invite those qualified organizations to join us