Counterterrorism is a core principle of our efforts. Combating terrorism is a complex and challenging task. However, by working together, security communities can make the world safer.

The cause of terrorism, just a horrendous serious crime, is as much domestic as it is internationally caused.

The INTERPORTPOLICE's central piece of security is prevention and being prepared if the worst happens; together we learn from the past:

  • Using tactics based on experience through training police and security personnel down to authority staff

  • Education of the public and other personnel through regimented actionable connections and

  • Effective communication tools.

The presence of police and security personnel in mass people environments is as much a perception as a reality. Detering crime and making people feel safer is important to strive for, understanding no security measure is perfect, but we have perfected time-tested applications that are the best known. Each of us plays an important role in keeping people safe in mass people environments. One of the most successful methods is using everyone's eyes and ears. Learn more SeeSayAct.com


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