Community Security Best Practices

About Port Security Best Practices

1/4/20231 min read

The CSBP programme brings together the principles of Port Security Management Systems (PSeMS) and evidence based methodology and approach that supports security resilience. The CSBP guidance and recommendations incorporated into this document provide insight based on best practices and lessons learned. Recommendations are further provided from our international counterparts involved in security, counter-terrorism and law enforcement. This includes evidence from Canada, European Nations, United Kingdom and the United States.

Today’s public transportation, mass-public, and critical infrastructure environments are potentially the most vulnerable to acts of terrorism, and transnational crime. As such they need to be among the most forward-thinking and proactive to enable effective threat mitigation based on the range of continual threats. Security and policing approaches for the protection of these environments is paramount. There is a public expectation of being safe and secure in such environments.

The CSBP guidance provides a risk proportionate perspective to prevention and protection using an approach that encompasses policing, security, and emergency response management. Learn more about taking advantage of the lessons learned within the Practice Guide by reviewing the Preview Guide and portions of this website.