Get Involved

Our global strength is our law enforcement, public safety, and security community, bringing together expertise, and experience, to address challenges and share experiences through collaboration, discussion, and research. We encourage senior command officers and officials at every skill level, to step forward and engage, practice, teach, and learn from one another here.

Participate, Volunteer, ...

We are in the process of building a new level of participation. World events have shown us we need to not only work together, but we need to be ready for real time action and resources.

Join the Global Collaboration App

A highly encrypted app that brings senior authority officials together to connect, collaborate, and communicate. All senior transportation officers and officials who apply must use their official email address. All entries are vetted. (System provides SMS, call, on-on-one and group meetings, attachments.)

Participate in a Committee

We are expanding our committees from the incident management programme to other vital capabilities. Subject matter experts are a plus. As formed initially meetings are via MS Teams.

Become a Regional Commissioner

We are looking for those who are active in their regional area and can offer our message, news, training, intel, major events, and more to assist us in getting the word out to assist. The position comprises three senior command personnel in each of the eight regions. Positions are subject to Board of Governors approval. Requires Sr Command position and authority backing.

Become a Cyber Security Lead

Cyber is one of the most immediate threats to any authority. We are working to educate an authority on how to champion a cyber plan.

Event and Programme Assistance

As we build out new ways to bring authorities together, we look to find experts, plan programmes, and the events themself.

Offer Your Expertise

Become a champion of an issue, and help us help other authorities, especially developing nations.

Authority Admission

Eligible Authorities, police, public safety, intelligence, and security whose country is a member of the United Nations, INTERPOL, or invited.

Become A See Say Act Champion

Prevention is one of the most cost-effective methods of protecting an authority's security environment. Learn how to adopt preventative and counterterrorism tactics.

Partner With Us

We look for those in the professional, academic, and business communities who can add value to police and transportation authorities.