Port Security Management System

PSeMS is an organisational systematic approach to managing security risks, incorporating security management into the daily activities of an authority

An assurance for organization security

PSeM is a framework and approach that helps coordinate processes and procedures covering governance, legal requirements, operating procedures, delivery, monitoring, review, and audit for security. In simple terms, it is a framework and methodology for your organization’s security assurance.

Together, It brings forth principles based on lessons learned, evidence-based practices, and assurance security systems, forming a methodology and approach that supports security resilience.

The Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) addresses the strategy and incorporates the Port Security Management System (PSeMS).

The Community Security Best Practises comes with a self-help GAP analysis. An advisory and on-site evaluation is also available.
An evaluation that addresses the security community and incorporates top down management systems.

Top Down Leadership

•PSeMS requires an accountable manager at the board level or senior officer level

The security manager will report and have direct access to the accountable manager

•It can form part of the risk assessment group (RAG) or security committee

•It brings departments together and enables early identification of problems

•Enable early rectification

•PSeMS is a day to day assurance system

PSeMS is a Four Step Journey

PSeMS It is not a tick box assessment; it requires a review of where your organisation sits with managing its security:

It requires openness and honesty

Driven by senior leadership

Team work


The ability to change

Why an independent review?

  • No internal bias

  • No conflict of interest

  • No favoritism

  • No Intimidation

  • No personal development interference

  • Provides an open and honest interview

  • Makes use of tried and tested process

  • Requires organization participation

  • Confirms what is already known

  • Highlights areas of concern

  • Promotes discussion

  • Small cost to the organization

The INTERPORTPOLICE team can assist the authority from the included self-GAP Analysis for an initial jurisdiction evaluation and/or can obtain additional assistance and have an onsite security evaluation.

Andrew McCumpha

Head of Standards & Pratises


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