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Leading operational and crisis management practices are essential deterrents to serious crime, vital elements of public safety, and protecting critical infrastructure within transportation security.

Those authorities whose country is a United Nations or INTERPOL, Invited may apply for admissions.

Established in 1969 as an international specialised security organization for global port police authorities to collaboratively work on an intergovernmental basis, partnering to address serious transnational crime, public safety, critical infrastructure, supply chain, and related border security issues that protect the world's port transportation system.

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A key element of addressing today’s threat environment is to incorporate practices that have been shown to have proven successful in the past. A strategy incorporating intelligence and lessons learned based guidance can help provide sustainable solutions. It is vital to incorporate a holistic plan that covers the requirements of the entire entity, can be proven effective and operationally usable, and can be supported financially.

PSeMS is a framework and approach that helps coordinate processes and procedures covering governance, legal requirements, operating procedures, delivery, monitoring, review, and audit for security. In simple terms, it is a framework and methodology for your organization’s security assurance. The practices address the day-to-day activities, forging a range of governance, communication, risk management, and monitoring processes.

Training and exercises provide individuals and organizations with benefits that make their costs and time a worthwhile investment. Security training must go beyond police and security personnel to include those in the environment, tenants, and other operational staff. An informed, trained, and motivated workforce is a deterrent in itself. It reinforces the message that security is important throughout the business and environment.

Incident & Crisis Management

The threat of serious natural disasters, crime, and terrorism is real. The question that must be considered by any significant security domain or critical infrastructure organization is whether they are fully prepared to withstand an event similar to that which has occurred worldwide, from flooding, earthquakes, civil unrest, active shooter, or cyber attacks. We encourage any authority to review our Practice Preview Guide. The exemplary efforts of our international incident management review teams have led us to announce that the International Council for Security And Resilience Committees [ICSR] are being established to effectively collaborate among various experts and authorities from the aviation, maritime, transport, and border sectors together as a collaborative group in managing ongoing requirements for security incident and preventative,  protective, and preparedness best practices.

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For over 50 years, law enforcement, intelligence, security and, border forces have engaged through international cooperation to address critical authority security and transnational crime issues.

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We have to make quality a habit. It’s not something to strive for – but principle to live by daily


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Community Engagement

A community security programme designed for mass people environments using proven tactics, effective communication, and collaboration tools for operational to crisis management.

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Our mission includes programmes and efforts through international and national organizations, including United Nations Agencies, NATO, US – DHS/ FEMA, and the EU law enforcement and member authorities.