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Port Security Management Systems (PSeMS)

Suitable for all Organizations: Port Authority and Safe City Protective Security Strategy!


The Programme

  • PSeMS is a formal business practice that is part of the day-to-day activities of an organisation.
  • It brings together a range of processes including governance, communication, risk management, and performance monitoring as part of daily operation.
  • PSeMS can help to identify and mitigate gaps in an organisations security assurance and is a fundamental building block for effective management of security and risk mitigation.
  • PSeMS is an assurance system for organisational security across all domains of the organisation protective security strategy for Physical, Personnel and information

The PSeMS approach is complementary to the principles established under Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Safety Management Systems (SMS). These Management Systems were originally started to provide an organisation with a focus on cost-savings and efficiency. The discipline created by SMS and QMS helps to assure an organisation that all processes are performing to required levels and that as new requirements emerge, they are reflected in changes to processes. Importantly, PSeMS shares many core principles with Safety and Quality Management Systems and will enhanced overall system safety and security when integrated with these systems.

PSeMS was the outcome of a multi-year program led by McClumpha Associates Limited working closely with senior representatives of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). We are pleased to welcome Andrew McClumpha as part of the InterPortPolice team, and our lead PSeMS expert. The Protective Security Management Systems [PSeMS] is a product of the United Kingdom’s Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

The Preview and Practice Guides, as well as the Safe City Community Communication material are available in English and Spanish.

Andrew McClumpha
Head, Standards & Practices

Community Security Best Practice [CSBP] &

PSeMS, Port Protective Quality Assurance Management.

The CSBP program brings together the principles of PSeMS and the learnings from Project Griffin to form a methodology and approach that supports security resilience. Our CSBP observations and recommendations are incorporated into the program guide and provide insight based on evidence-based practices and lessons learned.

Communication & Collaboration – Click to Download

History has taught us operational readiness to crisis management communication is one of the most vulnerable aspects of public safety. Often though authorities have limited communication and collaboration with their own personnel.  Some work beyond this effort using tip apps targeted usually at after incident information. 

Project Griffin International centres around communication and collaboration in security environments.  Our staff has years of hands-on experience planning, launching, and evolving collaboration and communications programs for hundreds of organizations around the globe. From strategic change management planning to technical scoping, to overcoming environmental and cultural barriers to onboarding communities with hundreds of thousands of users.

How To Start:  1.  Register and review the Preview Guide  2. We can start a conversation about your requirements and the Griffin Strategy and how See Say Act can assist your security community. 3.  learn more about Griffin on the Go, an evidence-based security Tactic you can implement at once; and implement See Say Act.  We want to make your jurisdiction safe!

Protecting Your Environment Requires Effective Practices & Mass Communication – Software Included @ No Cost

Working with the Morrone 9/11 Center and Atlas One we are pleased to offer an Essential low cost environment-wide geo-fenced notification system as part of the Project Griffin Strategy.  This is available through a sponsorship program in cooperation with the Morrone 9/11 Center. 

What is included in the program:

  • An introduction to CSBP and Project Griffin International (PGI) Strategy
  • Downloadable media kit, videos, display posters, and handout material
  • The Atlas One Essential Plan – 1 Dashboard License & Unlimited user App licenses

Learn More at See SayAct

Atlas One Essential Plan – 9/11 Center Sponsorship

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